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Connect 4 Platforms

When your mission is to connect with residents and Council members, deliver outstanding service and make a difference every day, you need the world’s most powerful online management program in your corner.

Your Strata Community Connection

Connection, communication and capability are vital for successful job performance – and a thriving and vibrant strata community. That’s why FirstService Residential created FSRConnect™, our customized 24/7 strata management software for smart phone, computer or tablet.

When you partner with FSRConnect, you can quickly and easily connect with Council members, residents and your management team and take care of business with just a few clicks. Log on to send email blasts, send notices, promote events and much more.

Communicate. Implement. Execute.

As an exclusive bonus, FSRConnect offers analytic data, proprietary intelligence and tactical information to enhance your on-the-job productivity and effectiveness. With these advanced tools, you’ll discover new ways to add value by streamlining operations, lowering costs and delivering outstanding service to your Council members and residents.

Advanced Technology Enhance Your Effectiveness

Communication Tools

Securely and easily communicate with residents, Council members, management team members and staff

Amenity Management

Facilitate management of community amenities and services, such as concierge, front desk, fitness center, security and more

Community Calendar

Easily create a custom Community Calendar to promote meetings, events and celebrations – an effective social networking tool that promotes engagement and brings neighbors together

Mass Communication Tools

Instantly broadcast emergency messages, alerts or notifications to one, several or all Council members and residents via email blasts or automated phone calls