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Powerful and easy to use, FSRConnect™ connects your community and maximizes your quality of life. Accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone, this advanced technology enables residents, Strata Managers and Council members to interact, communicate and take care of business anytime, day or night.

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The Industry’s Top Strata Management Technology

FirstService Residential manages more Strata units than any other company. Through our years of experience, we’ve learned that the power to instantly connect, communicate and get information is key to your Strata’s viability, marketability and lifestyle. So we created FSRConnect – the industry’s first and only customizable, fully-integrated online Strata management program.

We designed FSRConnect to be completely private and secure, tailored to the needs, goals, and lifestyles of every Strata community in our care. Because it delivers the right features, services and capabilities for your property, FSRConnect can lower costs, maximize value and improve the quality of life you and your neighbors enjoy. So no matter if you’re a resident, Strata Manager or Council member, keep reading to discover how FSRConnect can make a difference for you.

FSRConnect is only available to communities managed by FirstService Residential, BC’s Strata management leader. This powerful, user-friendly program is another way we make a difference, every day, for every resident and community we serve.

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